Discovery Day

Le Meridien, Piccadilly


21 October 2018 10am - 17.30pm

The common denominator of all our emotional issues and the number one problem that blocks you from happiness and success is an inner belief or a feeling that you are not enough. When you irrevocably change this to I Am Enough, everything changes permanently. Your confidence levels will soar, your relationships will dramatically improve and as your sense of self-worth increases, your blocks to wealth and abundance will be removed.

I Am Enough is underpinned by the award-winning principles of the phenomenal Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) created by Marisa herself. During this discovery day, Marisa will be teaching you how ‘I Am Enough’ can help you fulfil your unlimited potential and you will experience some of her life-changing methods and techniques. Marisa will also introduce RTT for those of you who wish to know more about training in this phenomenal therapy.

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