Terms and Conditions

RTT™ Training Terms and Conditions

Last updated April 2019


Trading Name:Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT™)
Trading Provider:

UK – More than Enough Limited, CN 09680085
USA – I Am Enough LLC, CN E0494152017-6


UK registered office – 21 Navigation Business Village, Navigation Way, Ashton-On-Ribble, Preston, Lancashire, United Kingdom, PR2 2YP
USA registered office – 848 N Rainbow Blvd, #3358, Las Vegas, NV 89107.


[email protected]

RTT™ training is made available by More than Enough Limited in all countries other than the United States of America, and in the USA by I Am Enough LLC.


When you read words “RTT™”, “us”, “our” or “we”, it means the relevant Training Provider, its subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, employees, agents, partners, licensors, successors and assigns, and the words “you”, “participant”, “student” or “your” means you, the user of our services.


These terms and conditions (“terms”) form the basis of your participation in our online and offline training courses, together with general conditions, explanations and expected standards of behaviour whilst participating in, attending and afterwards. Please read these terms carefully before booking your place on our course.


By booking a place, you agree to be bound by these terms. Please understand that if you do not agree with any of these terms, we request that you do not make a booking as you will not be able to join our course.


1.0 How the contract is formed between you and us:

1.1 Courses will be made available on the dates and at the locations promoted by us.


2.0 Special Notice regarding criminal convictions

2.1 If during your participation in our course it comes to our attention that you have a criminal conviction for an offence that, in our absolute discretion, we form the opinion adversely impacts our ability to provide a safe learning environment, we may request that you leave the course.


3.0 Special Notice regarding disability, communication or mobility needs

3.1 We are committed to encouraging equality and diversity and eliminating unlawful discrimination for all students, and comply with the requirements of the UK Equality Act.

3.2 Please advise us of any additional communication, mobility or disability needs that may impact your ability to participate in our course.


4.0 RTT™ training course inclusions

4.1 We pride ourselves on the integrity of our course content, our methods and the RTT™ brand. To maintain our high standards, all participants who wish to use the RTT™ brand will need to pass our written and practical examination before they can be accredited and receive certification.

4.3 RTT™ Live Training includes:

  1. a) participation in the live training course

  2. b) a course Handbook

  3. c) assessment

  4. d) bonus access to twelve (12) monthly RTT™ webinars and question and answer sessions

  5. e) bonus access to twelve (12) monthly marketing webinars and assistance via our marketing software

  6. f) bonus twelve (12) month access to online materials, including a library of scripts and

  7. g) bonus twelve (12) month access to access to our Support Team.

4.4 For students who become certified, the course also includes:

  1. a) access to membership of the RTT™ Live Graduate Facebook Group

  2. b) permission to use the RTT™ logo for a twelve (12) month period and

  3. c) permission to to represent yourself as a Rapid Transformational Therapist for a twelve (12) month period.

4.5 Certification is mandatory before you can gain permission to practice using RTT™ methodology and the RTT™ brand.

4.6 Access is made available at the time of course commencement and it is your responsibility to make use of those resources. There will be no discount, extension or substitution if you fail to access resources during the period of availability.

4.7 Students who fail to meet the required standards will be provided with a support and action plan to help you improve, with an aim to have you meet the required completion standards. Support and action plans are limited to a maximum period of three (3) months from the end of the training period.


5.0 RTT™ training course exclusions

5.1 For live training courses:

  1. a) You are responsible for your transport to and from the venue and any accommodation you need to be able to attend a course.

  2. b) Please bring your own note paper and pens and any special learning resources you require. We cannot guarantee the availability of Wifi at the venue.

  3. c) You remain solely responsible for any personal items (including electronic equipment) or luggage you bring to the venue.

  4. d) Catering will only be provided at live training courses if the course promotional material states that it is included. If the course includes catering, we will advise the venue of any dietary requirements you notify to us but cannot guarantee special catering for those requirements.

5.2 For online training courses you are responsible for electronic or hard copy submission of the required assessment materials in a timely manner.

5.3 There is no guarantee that you will successfully pass the assessment components of the course to the standard required by RTT™.


6.0 Your responsibility as an RTT™ student – Learning Environment Agreement

6.1 You must take responsibility for your own learning. You take full responsibility for your successes, failures, actions and inactions in relation to your participation in the course and completion of assessments.

6.2 Attendance at all core teaching sessions is compulsory to qualify to pass the RTT™ Live training course. If you are unable to attend training there is no guarantee that you will be able to transfer onto another course to complete the required learning.

6.3 Students must agree to the completion and timely submission of any required coursework and other forms of practical work, both assessed and/or unassessed. If you have any concerns regarding your ability to complete these requirements you should contact us to discuss. You must be mindful of timing, arrive on time and notify us of any absences.

6.4 You must commit to a strict policy of confidentiality as teaching will include access to real cases and case studies.

6.5 You must respect the needs of others for quiet, particularly when observing live sessions or filming is underway.

6.6 You must ensure that mobile phones are switched off at all times unless directed by a trainer to record a segment of the training. Filming or audio recordings by you of any part of the course is expressly prohibited unless arranged with us beforehand.

6.7 You must abide by and follow all rules and instructions given by RTT™ during your participation in the course.


7.0 Payments and Deposits

7.1 The currency used for payment of a course will be specified before you make your payment.

7.2 Payment can be made by credit/debit card and through secure payment system Stripe.

7.3 Bookings and payments are not transferable between courses, or participants.

7.4 There are limited places made available for each course. Places for accepted bookings are allocated on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

7.5 The deposit amount is required to reserve a place in a live training course and is non-refundable.

7.6 The balance of your course fees must be paid by the due date.

7.7 We may, at our absolute discretion, accept late payment, however, any participant whose course fees are outstanding on the day of commencement will be refused entry.

7.8 You are responsible for promptly remedying any failed payment


8.0 Cooling Off

8.1 Cooling off periods apply for all training options including RTT™ Live, RTT™ Online, RTT™ Online with Mentoring, RTT™ Plus, and RTT™ Professional.

8.2 For all course bookings we provide a fourteen (14) day cooling off period. Your fourteen (14) day cooling off period starts on the day you pay your deposit. During that period you can cancel your booking without giving any reason, and at no cost to you.

8.3 After the cooling off period has expired, our usual cancellation terms apply.

8.4 For any bookings made less than fourteen (14) days before the start date of the course, the cooling off period will not apply and no refunds will be provided in the event of cancellation or failure to attend.


9.0 Cancellations and Refunds/

9.1 RTT™ Online, RTT™ Online with Mentoring, RTT™ Plus, and RTT™ Professional are digital products immediately available to you when you make a purchase and are not eligible for refund once the cooling off period has expired or if you have progressed past module 2 of the online program. Full payment for the course is due and owing at that time.

9.2 We reserve the right to change the live course dates or venue as a result of circumstances beyond our control. Whilst every effort is made to avoid changes to our programme, we reserve the right to modify, withdraw or cancel any course.

9.3 In the unlikely event that we are required to cancel a course, your payment will be refunded by the same method and in the same currency you paid us.

9.4 We cannot be held liable for any other costs including (but not limited to) expenses, travel or accommodation or other arrangements. We also recommend that you take out adequate travel insurance to cover any significant costs or consequential losses incurred.

9.5 If you wish to cancel your RTT™ Live booking, for your security we will not accept any cancellations by phone. To provide ‘Official Notice’ of your wish to cancel, you must provide notice in writing sent to our address above or via email to [email protected]. Only written notice of cancellation will take effect and be acted upon.

9.6 If you cancel your RTT™ Live booking your deposit will not be refunded.

9.7 If you cancel your booking, you may also incur an additional administration fee, depending upon how close we are to the event start date.


Time of cancellation before course date



+ 30 days


Balance of monies received from less charges

< 30 days > 14 days

Deposit + admin fee equal to 50% of payments received from you

Balance of monies received from you less charges

> 14 days

Deposit + admin fee equal to 100% of payments received from you

No refund

No show on day

Deposit + admin fee equal to 100% of payments received from you

No refund

Partial attendance

Deposit + admin fee equal to 100% of payments received from you

No refund

9.8 Authorised refunds will be refunded within fourteen (14) days after your cancellation, by the same method and in the same currency as paid by you.

9.9 No reductions, set-offs or refunds will be made available to any student not arriving for the start of the course, arriving late, leaving early or otherwise failing to attend the full course for any reason.

9.10 If you have cancelled your booking, you will not be permitted entry to the course without prior payment in full, and a place being available on the course.

9.11 We acknowledge that there may be extenuating circumstances preventing your attendance at the commencement or any part of the live course. You must apply to us in writing for consideration of your circumstances. In our absolute discretion, we may permit the transfer of your booking to a future course or refund part of the course fees paid. Any changes to your booking made due to extenuating circumstances must be confirmed by us in writing to have any force or effect.


10.0 Right to Refuse Entry or Exclude

10.1 We reserve the right to refuse course entry to any participant, or to exclude a participant from a course where there is or has been conduct which in our opinion is likely to cause distress, damage or annoyance to other students, employees, property or to any third party.

10.2 We reserve the right to refuse course entry to any participant, or to exclude a participant from a course where there is or has been a breach of these terms.

10.3 Participants refused entry to a course or removed from a course will be treated as partial attendants and incur the charges referred to in our cancellation provisions above.


11.0 Recording of Live Training Events

11.1 You agree not to make any digital recording (whether audio, video, photographic, streaming or by other method – including ‘selfies’) of any part of the course, the course participants or during breaks. We reserve the right to exclude you from a course for breach of this provision.

11.2 You acknowledge that RTT™ will video, photograph or otherwise digitally record live training courses and irrevocably authorise us to use any image, likeness or recording of you in any manner we choose without reference to or payment to you. If you wish to avoid being recorded during RTT™ training, you should notify us at the start of the course and participate in a way that reduces the likelihood of you being recorded.

11.3 If you notify us under privacy regulations that you wish to ‘be forgotten’, at our discretion we may use technology to de-identify your part in a recording, rather than remove the recording.


12.0 Copyright and Intellectual Property

12.1 “RTT™”, “RTT™ Live” are trademarks owned by More Than Enough Limited. All courses, content and information contained within training sessions are the intellectual property of More Than Enough Limited.

12.2 All trading names, registered trademarks, materials, handouts, whiteboard illustrations, videos or sound recordings, contents of any promotional videos, photographic images and other materials presented in our courses are copyright to, and the intellectual property of More Than Enough Limited.

12.3 Your participation in our course does not confer any proprietary or special rights in the materials made available. We grant to you a short-term licence to use and make copies of our intellectual property for YOUR OWN needs or purposes only.

12.4 You agree not to infringe upon our intellectual property rights by copying, reproducing, distributing, altering or changing our material in any way without our express written permission. We will inform you what is permissible and what constitutes authorised use.


13.0 Non-compete and non-circumvention

13.1 You warrant that you will not, yourself or through a related entity or through a third party, use our intellectual property:

  1. a) in competition with RTT™ or another participant, nor

  2. b) to the detriment of RTT™ or another participant, nor

  3. c) to promote, create or sell a course (‘copy-cat course’), nor

  4. d) to create or attempt to create any opportunity for financial gain excluding RTT™.

13.2 It is expressly prohibited to use our materials or methods for your own personal gain or advantage, other than for the purpose of building your therapy practice. This includes your teaching of RTT™ without express permission to operate as an authorised presenter.

13.3 For a period of five (5) years after ending your involvement with RTT™, whether as a student, alumni or in any other capacity, you hereby undertake not to become a Director, trainer, course organiser, employee, joint venture partner or form a company or other enterprise (whether commercial or not), that is considered to be a copy-cat business of, or in direct competition with RTT™.

13.4 For the purpose of determining whether or not a business is in direct competition to RTT™, consideration should be given to the nature of any training course, website, digital products or books offered by that business which are the same as or substantially similar to our methodology, materials, publications or training course.


14.0 Privacy

14.1 You agree to the collection of your personal information as set out in our privacy policy https://www.iubenda.com/privacy-policy/30296905.


15.0 Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure

15.1 You agree to comply with the confidentiality and non-disclosure provisions set out in our General Terms and Conditions https://marisapeer.com/terms-and-conditions/.

15.2 Where confidential information is disclosed to you by a trainer, staff member or another participant, it is done so for your personal benefit or learning, and you agree not to disclose that confidential information to any other person or entity outside your participation in this course.

15.3 You acknowledge that any confidential information shared by you is done so at your own risk and that we have no obligation to ensure other participants keep your shared information confidential.

15.4 As a participant in our course you are not authorised to make any public statements about RTT™, the course or our therapy methodology. Any requests for interviews or comments from internet news channels, forums, blogs or traditional news media must be directed to the staff in our UK office for management.

15.5 You agree not to make any disparaging or negative comments regarding RTT™, the Training Provider or any of our staff, employees or agents via social media review sites, internet forums, chat rooms or traditional media outlets.

15.6 This obligation of confidentiality and non-disclosure continues after the end of your involvement with RTT™.


16.0 Disclaimer – general and earnings

16.1 Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, personality, skill, environmental factors, communication skills, dedication, desire and motivation as well as other economic or trading environment factors, which are not always known and sometimes beyond your own control. There is no guarantee you will duplicate and or match the results stated in our materials, courses or publications.

16.2 Any testimonials and examples used are person or organisation specific results and are not intended to represent any guarantee that you or anyone will achieve the same or similar results.

16.3 When we present marketing information about promoting a therapy practice, we are not providing financial advice. The information we provide is general in nature and does not consider your individual circumstances.

16.4 Our training does not provide medical, financial, legal, business or other advice of a regulated profession. You commit to undertake careful and competent due diligence, including obtaining independent advice before taking any action or inaction because of information gained in this course.


17.0 Disclaimer – health

17.1 You warrant to us that, to the best of your knowledge, you suffer from no medical or physical condition or disability (‘impairment’) that will or might increase the normal risks associated with participation in the course. Alternatively, if you do have an impairment, you warrant that your doctor has approved your participation in this course.

17.2 The techniques we teach can have a big impact. Some people are more resilient in coping with change than others. We need to let you know about the types of injuries that people could experience in participating in our training, even if that injury has never occurred before, or is highly unlikely. You acknowledge that participation in this course involves a degree of risk of personal injury, including a small risk of emotional upset or at the extreme, serious injury or death, and agree to take responsibility for your health and well-being in relation to our course.

17.3 You acknowledge that RTT™ does not carry medical insurance for students. You are recommended to obtain health insurance appropriate to your circumstances. You acknowledge that in the event of personal injury or illness suffered in association with your participation in the course, any costs incurred will need to be paid by you from your personal resources or insurance. This does not limit your rights if injury or illness was caused solely by the negligence of RTT™.

17.4 You acknowledge that we will be covering sensitive topics including anxiety, depression, self-esteem, fears, phobias and addictions and that these topics can trigger psychosis or trauma in some individuals. If you elect to participate, you agree to participate with this knowledge.

17.5 You understand that participation in a live therapy demonstration is voluntary. You acknowledge that participation in a live therapy demonstration does not does not constitute a client contract between you and RTT™ or any trainer.

17.6 If you seek ongoing consultations with a trainer, you will need to arrange that independently with the trainer outside the course at your own cost.

17.7 You agree to inform us immediately if you feel that participation in any part of the course would be unsafe or uncomfortable for you, or you experience upset or injury during the course.

17.8 Where food is provided at our event, before you participate in the event you acknowledge that we cannot guarantee a completely allergen free atmosphere. You acknowledge that your will be responsible for sourcing and paying for any catering required by you during the event that is different from what is made available.

17.9 You understand that we are relying on your agreement, warranties and acknowledgements.


18.0 Limitation of liability and release

18.1 You agree to comply with the limitation and liability provisions set out in our General Terms and Conditions https://marisapeer.com/terms-and-conditions/.


19.0 General Terms

19.1 You agree to comply with our General Terms and Conditions https://marisapeer.com/terms-and-conditions/.




RTT™ Training – Complaints Policy

[last updated April 2019]


Trading Name:Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT™)
Trading Provider:

UK – More than Enough Limited, CN 09680085
USA – I Am Enough LLC, CN E0494152017-6


UK registered office – 21 Navigation Business Village, Navigation Way, Ashton-On-Ribble, Preston, Lancashire, United Kingdom, PR2 2YP
USA registered office – 848 N Rainbow Blvd, #3358, Las Vegas, NV 89107.


[email protected]

We are committed to providing a high-quality service to all our clients. When something goes wrong, we encourage you to tell us about it as soon as possible. Complaints provide us with an opportunity to learn and improve for the future, as well as a chance to put things right for you.


Please contact us on [email protected] or in writing addressed to our registered office, with the subject line “Complaints/Feedback”.


1.0 Policy Aims

a) to provide a fair complaints procedure which is clear and easy to use for anyone wishing to make a complaint

b) to publicise the existence of our complaints procedure so that people know how to contact us to make a complaint

c) to make sure everyone at RTT™ knows what to do if a complaint is received

d) to make sure all complaints are investigated fairly and in a timely way

e) to make sure that complaints are, wherever possible, resolved and that relationships are repaired

f) to gather information which helps us to improve what we do


2.0 Policy Scope – what does this policy cover?

a) the treatment and service received by participants attending face to face training events

b) the service received by students enrolled in an online training course

c) the quality of the product received by individuals purchasing any merchandise from our websites

d) individuals who fail to reach the required standard for certification as an RTT™ therapist


3.0 Confidentiality of Complaints or ‘Whistle-blowing’.

3.1 All complaint information will be handled sensitively, telling only those who need to know and follow any relevant data protection requirements.

(a) Complaints can be received by email or in writing.

(b) Please contact us with full details of your concerns within fourteen (14) days of the day on which the circumstances occurred that gave rise to your concerns.

(c) A full account of the complaint will be recorded.

(d) We will send you written acknowledgment of receipt of your complaint within 3 working days of receiving it, enclosing a copy of this procedure.

(e) We will then investigate your complaint within fourteen (14) days. This will normally involve passing your complaint to our Programme Leader, who will review your matter and speak to any members of staff who liaised with you.

(f) We will send you a detailed written reply to your complaint, confirming what took place and any solutions that have/were agreed with you.

(g) At this stage, if you are still not satisfied, you should contact us again and we will arrange to review the decision with our Board.

(h) We will write to you again within fourteen (14) days of receiving your request for a review, confirming our final position on your complaint and explaining our reasons for the decision taken.




RTT™ Training – Complaints Policy

[last updated April 2019]


Trading Name:Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT™)
Trading Provider:

UK – More than Enough Limited, CN 09680085
USA – I Am Enough LLC, CN E0494152017-6


UK registered office – 21 Navigation Business Village, Navigation Way, Ashton-On-Ribble, Preston, Lancashire, United Kingdom, PR2 2YP
USA registered office – 848 N Rainbow Blvd, #3358, Las Vegas, NV 89107.


[email protected]


Appendix B – Training Principles and Informed Consent

We are committed wherever possible to assisting and preventing undue interference with your safety, health and well-being whilst taking part in our courses. This document provides a set of principles that we have agreed to work to when training students in RTT™ and they act to guide us in the delivery of our training programme. They have been adapted from an ethical framework used by the British Psychological Society and should be read in full before proceeding.


B(1). Participants are expected to demonstrate mutual respect and confidence between trainers and students. All course participants in the RTT™ course should have confidence in the trainers.

B(2). The organisers of the RTT™ training programme have considered foreseeable threats to the psychological well-being, health, values or dignity of participants. The ratio of staff to students is constructed to ensure that experienced course leaders will be on hand to offer support wherever possible.

B(3). RTT™ training courses are designed to train participants as therapists, and not for the purpose of providing direct therapy to participants. This is a highly practical training course which will include live demonstration of techniques.

B(4). The course is structured on a nurturing and supportive model but cannot stand in or be regarded as a substitute for an individual’s own need for any therapy and where appropriate students will be advised to seek independent support before, during or post course.

B(5). There is no guarantee that students will receive individual sessions during this training programme or that any individual emotional issues can be resolved during the course. Responsibility for maintaining your own emotional well-being remains with you.

B(6). Participation in an RTT™ course may involve disclosure of human behaviour or experiences that participants may regard as personal and private. It is important to note that in our multi-cultural and multi-ethnic society and where practice/therapy involves individuals of different ages, gender and social backgrounds, students may lack sufficient knowledge or experience to be held accountable for responding in an inappropriate way.

B(7). During training sessions students may find they connect with psychological or physical issues and which fellow students and course leaders will be unaware. Students participating in the programme take full responsibility for making staff aware of any factors that might present a challenge.

B(8). Some areas of human experience and behaviour may be beyond the scope and limitations of the course (time, space, privacy). Students are responsible for making appropriate arrangements to deal with any of their own psychological or physical issues that arise during the course, outside of the course.

B(9). It is your responsibility to judge whether a practice session will cause discomfort is you and you may decide you wish to withdraw from the room, seek to debrief with one of the staff, or seek further external support. It is your responsibility to take action. You should not distract other students from their learning.


You agree that your participation as a student in the course is with your own full and informed consent.